Solar panel cleaning is a relatively new service on the Gold Coast. It has come about as a result of the huge demand for solar power. Solar panels are at the mercy of the elements. The panels lay flat or at a slight angle. This positioning attracts dust, pollen, tree leaves, debris, bird and bat droppings. If living near the coast salt can be a problem. Keeping the panels clean by washing them ensures they utilise sunlight most effectively. A thin layer of dust covering your solar panels will result in a very small loss of your system’s overall output as the suns rays can still filter through to the solar panel cells.

Solar panel cleaning has two main benefits

 Benefit #1

Protecting and maintaining your investment. Solar is a big initial cost and recouping these costs takes a long time. Looking after the panels helps ensure they will last. You clean your yard, clean your windows so why not clean your solar panels.

 Benefit #2

Increasing the efficiency of panels which in turn saves you money. Dirt and dust on the solar panels reduces the amount of sunlight that reaches the cells. This in turn reduces the output of the panels. Some manufacturers recommend regular cleaning to maintain the warranty on the panels.

How do we clean the solar panels

#1 Traditional window cleaning method. Using a soft applicator and some soapy water agitating the solar panels then squeegee dry. This method can be done providing the operator can work from a safe position. Panels are often mounted on sloping roofs making it difficult to work. Using water increases the risk of slipping and falling.

 #2 Purified water is another method we use to wash and clean the panels. The water is purified through a 4 stage reverse osmosis system which purifies the water. This is mounted on the service vehicle, no chemicals are used and this has many benefits. 

Some people use water tanks to gather rain water for household or garden use. There is no risk of chemicals getting into the water tanks. There is no risk of damage to waterproof seals on the panels. No water spotting or chemical residue remains when the panels dry.

Where possible we clean the panels from the ground. Using extendible telescopic water fed poles that have soft non abrasive brushes. This allows the technician to operate with highest level of safety from the ground. Where we can we work from the ground. This eliminates the need for working off ladders or standing on the roof. But this is not always practical.

Which ever method we use the end result is clean panels. The customer may have a personal preference. The positioning of the panels on the roof is another factor when deciding which method to use.

We are a local Gold Coast business

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